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Forest rx is as Quiet As Carpet!

Forest rx was chosen as the focal point of a semester-long research project conducted by the University of Hartford's Acoustics program. While there are many noise sources within a hospital, one potentially significant source can come from the hallways and corridors where regular traffic can include both footfall from staff and visitors and rolling noises from medical carts and stretchers. The University of Hartford recognized that addressing these noise sources could positively affect the acoustic environment in patient rooms.

Two senior acoustical engineering students, Adam Paul and David Arena, chose to undertake this topic for their final project. They "aimed to quantify the influence different flooring materials could have on hospital corridor noise." In order to do this, they conducted 3 different tests on each test material: an absorption test (ASTM C423), a tapping machine test, and a rolling cart test. Adam Paul and David Arena's final report concluded "the addition of the rubber backing [on the Forest rx product] resulted in an overall sound power level reduction of 16 dBA during the tap test and an overall reduction of 5 dBA during the rolling cart test... [and] nearly identical sound power spectra as the Pinnacle Carpet during the rolling cart test." Meaning that Forest rx is as quiet as carpet!

Just what the doctor ordered... a revolutionary, sustainable, comfort solution.

Forest rxForest rx provides a unique solution for many of the common problems in healthcare and senior living spaces. This new product category uses itstru technology to combine 5mm of Ecore's recycled rubber backing with Polyflor's proven Forest fx, and is designed to reduce the risk of injury associated with falls.

Force reduction tests have shown that the fall impact is reduced 16.9% (in accordance with DIN 18032) when Forest rx is installed. These products can reduce the severity of patient or resident injuries and mitigate liability for the owners of healthcare facilities.

In addition, the overall comfort of recycled rubber flooring provides improved ergonomics for active patients, residents, and staff. Forest rx also offers Ecore's proven sound control in environments where peace and quiet are relished and expected. IIC tests (in accordance with ASTM E492 and E2179) have shown that Forest rx allows the most basic assemblies exceed strict IIC 50 building code requirements, reducing impact sound by over 20 decibels with no ceiling below. Without the need for a separate underlayment, facilities will save time on costly installations by choosing a single, fusion-bonded product that solves acoustical issues.

To view specific test results click here.

The Partnership

Ecore has been engineering new ways to reuse scrap tires and reduce the nation's landfills and to create durable, functional, and aesthetic surfacing solutions for over 20 years. Polyflor Ltd. is one of Europe's largest manufacturers committed to innovation and development. The two companies have now created a powerful and mutually beneficial partnership. By combining Ecore's innovation and environmental initiatives with Polyflor's world-class flooring solutions, a new category of flooring emerges. A category of flooring that has the aesthetics and function of vinyl joined with the ergonomic, environmental, and acoustical properties of recycled rubber. Ecore and Polyflor are committed to combining the best of what each company has to offer in order to introduce industry-changing, solution-driven flooring products throughout North America.

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