Terrain rx


Patent No. 9,340,970   Terrain rx provides a unique flooring solution for healthcare, senior living spaces, fitness facilities, and any area expecting heavy commercial use. Available in 6-foot-wide rolls, this product features 5 millimeters of Ecore's recycled rubber backing fusion-bonded to a contemporary, modern heterogeneous vinyl sheet from Polyflor. This combination creates a surface that reduces the risk of injury associated with falls and offers sound control and comfort underfoot. The high-quality, cross-linked polyurethane reinforcement (PUR) provides a low cost, polish-free maintenance regime for the lifetime of Terrain rx.


  • Aerobic Areas
  • Cardio Areas
  • Corporate
  • Daycare
  • Education
  • Fitness Center
  • Healthcare
  • Heavy Commercial
  • Hospitality
  • Nursing Homes
  • Workout Areas


  • 17% force reduction for cushioning and safety
  • Increase sound control
  • Comfort underfoot
Force reduction tests have shown that fall impact is reduced 16.9% (in accordance with DIN 18032) when this product is installed. Terrain rx can reduce the severity of patient or resident injuries while mitigating liability for the owners of healthcare facilities. In addition, the overall comfort of recycled rubber flooring provides improved ergonomics for active patients, residents, and staff.

Terrain rx offers Ecore's proven sound control in environments where peace and quiet are relished and expected. IIC tests (in accordance with ASTM E492 and E2179) have shown that Terrain rx allows the most basic assemblies to exceed strict IIC 50 building code requirements, reducing impact sound by more than 20 decibels. Without the need for a separate underlayment, facilities save time on costly installations by choosing a single, fusion-bonded product that solves acoustical issues.


Rolls 6' (1.83m) x 30' (9.14m) available in 7mm thickness (2mm over 5mm), Minimums apply.